25 Best Sushi Rolls For Beginners

25 Best Sushi Rolls For Beginners

You’ll enjoy the rich taste of Sushi by having the best sushi rolls for beginners and wanting more of these tasty cuisines as you go through and discover. Although you may be nervous and overwhelmed to choose from all these variants, this post will take you easily through the steps comfortably.

Let’s start with what are the world’s popular, classic Sushi. These are definitely the first sushis you’d want to try first.

  1. California Roll
  2. Tuna Roll
  3. Chirashi
  4. Sake
  5. Nigiri Sushi

However, it can be a little confusing to eat Sushi. Do I use chopsticks to eat? If there is anything else, where should I dip my Sushi? Will it be okay to use my hands? Is it evident that I’m a beginner if I ask this stuff? Worry no more. We are going to run over all the fundamentals here – and sushi enthusiasts may not be aware of any of these hints and suggestions on sushi eating. 

What Are the 25 Best Sushi Rolls for Beginners?

Most of the time, all sushi restaurants vary – so your rig and expectations are not exactly the same as the one you will expect. But there are certain “unwritten laws” that any sushi chef knows about sushi cuisine. Usually, the best sushi rolls typically depend on the personal taste of an individual. 

Your picked rolls or Sushi come on a plate with a typical presentation. Chopsticks will also be provided, and a soy sauce in a saucer will be presented on the table, and some additional appetizers will also be given. When ordering in a sushi bar, here are the 25 best sushi rolls for beginners.

California Rolls

Beginning with California roll. One of the beginners’ best Sushi is from the lobster, avocado, and capelin. It is a new and tasty insight into Sushi Art. The delicious, scrumptious ingredients are usually covered by nori seaweed in the Uramaki style. Slathered on the exterior with seasoned, roasted sesame seed.

Tuna Roll

While the color of the Tuna Roll meat tends to be very dark, Tuna rolls usually are very mild sushi rolls of fish consistency, mostly in rolls. In fact, the clear, velvety feel of high-quality tuna meat is a perfect way to start to explore other forms of seafood. In addition, the tasty roll of tuna with its flavourful meat will quickly make you a sushi addict who desires more delicious rolls.


In comparison, Chirashi is a sushi salad with rice-topped sushi, with sashimi and vegetables. It usually is for festive occasions and special holidays. Generally called “beggars’ platter,” the bowl of sliced fish spread on a rice bed.


It is also favored and popular around the globe besides being extremely popular in America. It’s, therefore, a widely known Sashimi choice and is widely recognized in Japan as Sake or Shake. While salmon is often not used as sashimi, lately it has been a highly popular sashimi preference. And its bright orange color is instantly recognizable, and prices vary from slight to larger fatty pieces.


It was previously known as “Edo,” originally from the front of Tokyo Harbor. While you’ve had a little taste of fresh fish meat compared with the other Sushi. Now, the flavor of Nigiri sushi would be primarily fresh fish. Nigiri is a kind of Sushi, composed of the base of vinegar sushi rice and the topping of fresh, raw fish meat. Toppings are typically made of sweet shrimp, octopus, Tako, or maguro.


Akami meat comes from a bluefish variety of tuna which is sliced from the back and interior of the fish. It results in a red, very slender, and rigid type of meat, however with low-fat content.

An effective method of enjoying Akami meat is to bathe the thin parts of it with soy or by broiling the surface. Like a special filet mignon even Akami’s quality and taste.

Cucumber Sushi Roll

The Cucumber Sushi Roll is a typical Sushi consisting of dried algae, sushi rice, and cucumber. Where the cucumber slices have been enveloped into the rice and closely held by the Nori. They are also one of the perfect Sushi for beginners since they have no seeds and no bitter flavor. So, it’s pleasant to the taste and a treat to try for any beginner.

Avocado Sushi Roll

Next is the Avocado Sushi. The main component of this sushi roll consists of avocado. This famous Sushi is usually modified by sushi chefs by adding some pepper, carrots, or mango meat cuts.

The Avocado Roll is thus distinguished by its robust capability of responding to individual desires and tastes. In addition, mix tasty low-calorie vegetables such as potatoes and tomatoes.

Rainbow Sushi Roll

 The rainbow roll is the most well-known single sushi roll for the sushi person who craves it all. It’s a classic, often hot Mayo California roll inside. But this specific form of Sushi has its name on top. The thickness of the rolls is generally ahi (red), salmon (orange), red snapper (white), and avocado (green), yellowtail (pink). Different colored fish strip in a single roll. Not all of the shades of the rainbow are actually present, but every meat present has its unique flavor that bursts into the mouth of the sushi fan.

Asparagus Sushi Roll

Asparagus Sushi Roll, the main component in the middle of the sushi roll, is the asparagus sliced into small pieces. Even though it is easy to prepare, chefs will mix several different flavors and textures into it to make another version of it without overpowering the taste of the asparagus.

Spicy Tuna Roll

If California roll is the introduction to new sushi lovers, then this famous sushi roll follows on closely. This is for spicy lovers. In Hollywood’s tradition, it occurred in the ‘70s, when even people in Los Angeles were always attracted to the sushi idea of the addition of spicy flavor to the classic tuna sushi roll. The spice matched the natural richness of the tuna, and its rawness was covered by mayo. L.A. now still enjoy their Spicy Tunas, but they have an insatiable appetite for all sorts of seafood.

Crunchy Roll

 It is believed that the Portuguese merchants first introduced the invention of a loaf and fried fish to Japan, but no one disputes the invention of light and brittle panko tempura. Some sushi restaurants would fry a whole sushi roll to attain the beautiful, crispy bite of tempura tuna. Still, it was safest to hold the sushi roll raw and fry the panko batter individually before applying the crunch to the finished sushi roll. The crunchy roll is typically served inside with shrimp and is enjoyed giving texture to most Sushi.

Caterpillar Roll

The Avocado may not be the product most truly Japanese sushi makers use, but very few cuisines have so well integrated into Mexico’s superfood. No sushi roll is more like a roll of the caterpillar concerning California, since an entire roll of grilled eel (unagi) is generously overcrowded with slices of light green avocado and the whole roll resembles that body of a resting caterpillar.

Battera Sushi 

Battera Sushi is a kind of sushi roll of mackerel fish from Osaka, Japan. It is also a form of Sushi that can be developed with other fish and seafood fish meats such as smoked salmon and shrimp. It also got its name in 1893, as the fisherman caught it with Konoshiro Gizzard Shad and shaped it like a little boat on his hand. It usually consists of three layers of flavorings: cured vinegar, Shiso leaves, and rice.

Philly Rolls

This famous sushi roll of salmon and cream cheese originated from Philadelphia and developed by one of the world’s first female sushi chefs. The two ideas were born in New York, but New York Roll hasn’t the same seal that has made Philly Roll one of the most common sushi styles in America.

Maguro Otoro

First of all, Otoro is a word for the way that the portion is cut from the fatty part of the fish. Besides, not only is it a standard option, but it is also a trendy product for sushi beginners to eat the best Sushi. Otoro is also great for its soft and fluffy silky meat taste in bluefin tuna. It bursts in your tongue with sublime flavors.

Spider Roll Sushi

The spider roll has tempura, cucumber, avocado, and mayo of the thin-shelled crab on it. Often the chef designs it so that it looks like spider legs emerge from the edges.

Volcano Roll

The ingredients of Volcano rolls vary, but one thing they generally have is that the volcano rolls typically appear as if the Sushi is burning and exploding – thus the name “volcano-roll.”

Dragon Roll Sushi

Dragon rolls are typically special to the chef, and many get imaginative as the dragon roll appears like dragons. The recipes selected by various chefs vary accordingly; however, dragon rolls are typically filled with eel and cucumber and are topped by a thinly cut avocado, which creates an impact in size.

Tiger Roll

This shrimp tempura roll with vegetables such as avocado, and cucumber, known to some as the Shrimp Tempura Roll. The idea stems from the yellow shrimp tempura and is often accompanied by the tiger’s skin pattern (black and yellow). The idea of shrimp tempura has also been widely known in Japan, and the sushi roll named ‘ten musu’ has onigiri rice balls with shrimp tempura.

Dynamite Sushi Roll

At the beginning of the 2000s, the dish “Dynamite” became famous in the U.S. It was sautéed/baked with a peculiar and hot mayo dressing, and it was so well-known that we did not include it in our sushi rolls. And from there came the Dynamite Roll, usually made up of one or two kinds of marinades of the addictive spicy sauce of mayo with scallop, shrimp, yellowtail, and other shrimp and fish meats.


Temari-sushi is a Nigiri variation that takes on a small ball-shaped round rather than the standard ball shape. These flavored sushi balls blend sashimi or fried vegetables (to soften) in the colors of bright contrasting colors with seasoned sushi rice. These are typically served in a big box of vibrant balls on Hinamatsuri (Japan girl day or special occasions).

Gunkan Maki

Because of its overall form, Gunkan Maci is often dubbed the “Japanese Warship.” Literally, this is a ball from Nigiri wrapped about by a northern strip of seaweed, or sashimi, with an extra high, which leaves a minimal vacuum on top of the rice ball.

The Hungry Roll

This is an easy and tasty sushi roll. The key ingredients are spicy tuna that is rolled up closely with fresh tempura shrimp and a nori mat. Hungary Roll is also referred to as the cushioned, and the high amount of protein will also accommodate the hungriest sushi aficionado. In most sushi restaurants, you can buy immense piles on one tray.

The Hot Night Roll

The variation on California roll was first conceived in an obscure sushi restaurant in San Francisco. Ingredients are spicy salmon, chopped cucumber, and some fresh tempura shrimp. The appeal of this roll is the personalize-able part. Some might add some extra chili to it to increase spiciness significantly. Others use wasabi sauce to keep with Japanese cooking practices further in line.

Frequently Asked Questions

25 Best Sushi Rolls For Beginners

Most foodies tend to explore food from around the world. And Sushi is one of the most popular food country getaways that most food enthusiasts try to look for. With the best sushi rolls for beginners, they must seek out what is the best among the rest of the wide sushi variations across the world. But, it’s also part of them to seek out some additional information to know if sushi rolls are healthy, beneficial, or not.

What is the healthiest sushi roll?

It can be argued that while most Sushi consisted of fish meats, there is also a variation or slight tweak to that traditional Sushi. Came into existence the vegetarian rolls. It’s healthy enough to be also regarded as a salad but with rice. You can also check out some simple sushi rolls like California roll because it’s simple and doesn’t usually require added meat and fat-based dressing.

Can I lose weight while eating Sushi?

It is not guaranteed that eating sushi can lose weight. It actually depends on how often and how many rolls you consume in one seating. It’s hard to beat Japanese in low calorie cooking and food preparation – especially in traditional sushi making. It isn’t oily or doused in sauce, and most sushi types don’t have any extra fat. It may also serve as a good source of omega-3 fatty acids in which most fishes do produce.

Can Sushi make you gain weight?

Sushi is also considered a weight-loss food buddy. However, many sushi products are formed with high-fat sauces such as fried tempura batters which increase their calorie level significantly. In comparison, a minimal quantity of fat is usually found in one Sushi. 

While it is also essential to check how much Sushi you consume every day because like every other food, anything in excess can build up body fats and eventually result in a noticeable gain in weight. The sauce is like coats that conceal the authentic look and taste of fish, vegetables, and rice, especially when they are not relatively fresh or of excellent quality. 

Be suspicious when you see a small sushi menu on the sauce less Sushi. Many salt, sugar, fat, or calorie sauces are strong. Take caution for any more adjectives added to the sushi world. The “spicy” sushi varieties also have sauces which are mostly mayonnaise and made up of eggs.

Is Sushi junk food?

Sushi can be very safe or unhealthy (junk) depending on the ingredients, arrangements, and the quantity you consume in a single meal. There could be a lot of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids in fresh fish, especially salmon and tuna. However, there is also Sushi which is fried and made up of pure oily toppings and flavored or sweetened mayonnaise.


You’ll also even get some “extras” or mixed meals with other things like egg rolls, miso soup, or a salad dressed in ginger when you go to your sushi dining festive restaurant.  The serving and sushi availability usually depends on the restaurant. Three items are typically present as far as your plate is concerned:

  • Sushi Rolls
  • A dab of wasabi
  • Pickled ginger

Best sushi rolls can be eaten in a variety of ways. You usually eat your sushi with a pair of chopsticks, but you are permissible to eat it with your hands, too. Even if you do not know or do not feel like using a fork, no one will look and judge you – so don’t think about that. Nobody’s going to judge you with the way how you prefer  consuming your best rolls of sushi.

Whether you prefer eating in an authentic Japanese restaurant or make a budget-friendly sushi at home – you have unlimited options to satisfy your cravings.

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