Sushi Bowls Vs. Poke Balls: What’s The Difference?

Sushi Bowls Vs. Poke Balls: What's The Difference

There’s a popular food around the corner again: the sushi bowl and poke bowl. But you aren’t sure which is which. So, is the difference between these two? Or are they the same? 

Sushi comes in small and bite-size rolls, while a poke bowl consists of many ingredients wrapped up together in a bowl. Poke bowls often comprise of vegetables, meat, and a little bit of rice. Sushi, on the other hand, consists of rice as well but doesn’t have that many sesames as the poke bowl possesses. 

We’ve known sushi for a few years now, but now we hear in the streets the delicious London style poke bowl. Now, they also want to take part in the share of the spotlight. Since raw fish is often the center of both types of these, it’s okay to think they are the same. But in reality, they aren’t.

Sushi Bowls Vs. Poke Ball – Difference In Origin

Sushi bowls and poke bowls differ in a lot of ways. In terms of its origin, poke bowls originated from Hawaii, while sushi from Japan; However, many similarities exist in terms of what they can contain; they are very different. 

Sushi Bowls Vs. Poke Ball – Difference In Serving

Sushi comes with a bed of rice in the form of small bite rolls. Poke, on the other hand, is often like a multitude of different ingredients, from fish to veggies, all in the same bowl together. But they’re both nutritious and fresh foods. If this gives you a little bit of cliffhanger, below are some of their properties’ highlights; check these out!

  1. Sushi has little rolls
  2. A poke bowl is in a bowl, literally.
  3. Sushi can be a stand-alone food or in a bowl
  4. Poke bowl needs a lot of ingredients
  5. Poke bowls have a set of rules to follow.

So, if you want to find out the difference between the two, you’d start reading down, and then you may decide which one to eat. These foods may be different in many ways. But they are delicious, and I’d try them both, still.

Sushi Has Little Rolls

When you think about it, Sushi rolls are small and cute! Its small size allows you to choose and pick multiple products from the menu without being limited to one item. In restaurants or sushi bars, cooks will present you with many sushi choices that you can choose from the menu, from California Rolls to Rainbow sushi rolls. Nigiri, Mori, maki, and some of the restaurant’s special Dozo rolls are there (fish in rice beds). 

Poke Bowl Is In A Bowl

Often, while the taste speaks for itself, there is no time for spinning ingredients. You will find all the components just down the road at your local Poke hub or Poke restaurant with their Poke Bowls within a tub as if free-for-all. Sure, typically, there is a base. 

You can choose a Market Bowl with a single option for starters. It has no raw fish meat in it. Its diverse characteristics come from broccoli, mango, miso citrus glaze, peanuts, and many others that contribute to its overall appearance.

Sushi Can Be A Stand-alone Food Or In A Bowl

A poke bowl differs from Japanese Sashimi and sushi because they do not use marinated fish. Sushi is from seasoned rice, which is not common with a poke ball.

Poke can be considered ceviche except, unlike Peruvian ceviche, it is not seasoned with citrus juices. It is just a bowl of raw fish, finely sliced, wrapped in Asian seasonings and dressings, which has sometimes been filled with nuts, fruits, and vegetables. It’s a good treat like sushi, but not sushi.

In sushi, generally, raw fish meat is often the main attraction without anything else. Sashimi is one of the world’s most prestigious sushi forms, with just the most acceptable possible level of seafood. Salmon sashimi is a standard deal – and believe us, no other thing is required to eat it.

Usually, sushi comes in different sizes, shapes, and main ingredients. They are varying from vegan to almost all meat. Some use salmon, while others use avocado or asparagus as their main ingredient.

With just a dip in your soy sauce and a small slab of wasabi, that alone can be eaten and enjoyed with your sushi. But sushi bowls are a little different. It’s made from what you can expect from sushi except that it’s in a bowl.

Sushi Bowls Vs. Poke Balls: What's The Difference

Below At Some Of The Most Popular Sushi Bowls 

  • Crunchy California Sushi Bowl – A crunchy sushi bowl is excellent for a short dinner or a simple lunch for one or two people. Even a picnic will do. This colorful and pleasing in the eye meal is made with avocados, toasted bread, pickled ginger, green scallions, and cucumbers. Use a simple homemade, spicy Aioli to combine the flavors perfectly. 
  • California Roll – It deliciously addictive with hot mayonnaise and new vegetables. The thing is, the amount of mayo that goes into your role is not always easy to control. You can add anything you like; you can add a lot — or less. It’s up to you.
  • Matakoi Bowl – The bright red tuna is evenly organized and flows out of a large-scale sushi bowl. Each slice of red tuna is thick, and even the cuts are reasonably massive. Sushi bowl meals usually come in a set of miso broth, soy, and wasabi paste. Even Matakoi Bowl’s appeal is pleasing in the eye and will attract you to try it!
  • Spicy Avocado Tuna Salad Sushi Bowls – Sushi-grade tuna is not precisely inexpensive. So instead, some people can use Cotter Crunch in their sushi bowl, and they’re having a hot tuna salad made from organic, wild-caught canned tuna. Stir in the chopped cabbage, cucumber, and avocado.

Poke Bowls Need A Lot Of Ingredients

While this dish has not been well-known in the past, it has been the biggest star in the sushi menus worldwide in the last year. In specific comparison to Sashimi, poke bowls also offer a bit of both to diners. 

It is why you always face a very colorful and entertaining dish. Because all the ingredients are excellent and good for your health, these bowls don’t just look fantastic; they taste great and are even perfect for the body. 

Poke Bowl is a fair, incredibly insightful of the sushi world. A flavor you will recognize in a million, one that once enjoyed can undoubtedly distinguish itself from the rest of all other foods.

Below Are Some Of The Most Popular Poke Bowls


Take Chirashi, for example. A bowl of seasoned rice and raw fish dish. Even though this dish has inspired one another, there is an ocean of variations between Japanese Chirashi and Hawaiian poke. 

The poke bowls are sometimes marinated in several sauces and eaten on white rice—or lately brown rice or salad—various types of fish — tuna and salmon, most commonly. Chirashi doesn’t have sauce and typically has many different types of seafood, including tuna, salmon, yellowtails, eel, roe, and shrimp. Pickled onions, tamagos (a sweet omelet), and wasabi can also be the other ingredients you can put.

It means “spread out” in Japanese and is an unexpected recipe that combines the flavors of raw fish and vegetables’ freshness. But don’t be fooled by its simplistic look. It is a complicated dish that requires tremendous attention to achieve its maximum potential. 

Combining the scraps, the ultimate should extract the recipe from Japanese cooks’ wish to use all the ingredients and prevent waste. The complexity added further to its versatility, which has made the recipe much loved over the years.


What is more exciting than fresh fish coated in citrus juices? Ceviche is one of the most fantastic meals out there. With the freshness of citric fruit and crude fish, with the spiciness of chili pepper and ají, originally from Latin America, this recipe gives off a unique flavor, with an exceptional taste, and a great experience. 

That’s not all. This plate typically comes with other side foods that highlight its flavor, in comparison to other sushi. Some may be sweet potatoes, avocados, or particular salads.

 Ahi Poke Bowls

This bowl usually consists of yellowfin tuna cubes with the finely sliced spring onion white in a mixture of soy, sake, and water. They are sweetened with sushi seasoning the wet sushi rice. 

It is usually covered with salmon, smashed wasabi peas, sesame seeds, fine toasted strips of Nori seaweed, some drops of sesame oil, and rose pickled ginger. Some people may add some flakes of healthy chili or a furikake spice blend of Japanese if you prefer.

Nutritious Ginger Chicken Poke Bowl

You may think these bowls are mostly fish. Well, check this out! 

This poke bowl is popular and nutritious. It is also far different from sushi bowls because it’s from chicken. 

In a healthy platter drawn in gluten-free sauce, the skinless chicken breast shines. This poke bowl is built to become a health food staple, with the black base of rice and its fresh ginger top. For most fish meat allergic, this is a good poke bowl to enjoy.

Rainbow Veggie Poke Bowl

This type of poke bowl is suitable for vegetarians. Rainbow veggie bowls are full of flavors and filled with spice and nutrients. It comes with plant-based nutrients and protein; they mix ponzu-marinated beets, smooth avocado, carrot chunks, micro green edamame, extra sesame seeds, and green onions served on rice beds. 

The recipe has an Asian taste and is also ready to be made, healthy, and packed with numerous flavors in about 30 minutes. 

You may also change the base layer to meet your needs. It can be all enjoyed if you like sushi, full-grain brown rice, a form of noodle, or a salad alternative. You can appreciate it by adding some citrus juices, too. It all depends on you.

This type of poke bowl is not present and foreign to the sushi bowl. While there is some vegetable-based sushi bowl, this type of poke bowl is distinct because you may use other rice types.

Winter Poke bowl

This poke bowl is a unique poke. Be a fan of creating meals with healthy brown rice and fun ingredients such as chewy, caramelized roasted pumpkin chunks, mushrooms tossed into smoked soy, salty toasted nuts crispy kale. 

The protein aspect, batons of maple bacon and pan-tailed grapes, grilled chicken dressed in fresh lemon zest, or even candied fish meat, usually salmon, are the best thing. Serve with a ponzu sauce consisting of soya, lime juice, mirin, and finely minced green chili.

Poke Bowl Have A Set Of Rules To Follow

You will enjoy poke if you like sushi bowls. It has more unique aromas, like a free-shaped sushi cup. Adding other ingredients such as pineapple, raspberry, snacks, edamame, and salad makes the poke bowl more balanced than sushi. 

Make sure you buy fresh sushi-grade fish that is adequately preserved and chilled if you plan to create your own. Poke Restaurants in London offer a bowl of rice to pick from, accompanying other fish and dressing. The combination of these ingredients will result in a tasty, low fat, and very healthy food. Below are the things that you should not miss when trying poke bowls!

  • Use fresh cod, but with everything from tofu to chicken, you may use it if you’re not a fish meat fan.
  • Temperature is essential: warm rice and cold fish.
  • Using a rice cooker is advised. Wet and starchy rice will ruin a decent bowl of poke with moist or starchy rice.
  • Do not bring a dressed sushi rice in the refrigerator. It’s not going to end well.
  • Do not “overcook” your ingredients with fire or vinegar. It’s not suitable for your poke bowl.
  •  Don’t miss the crunch. Crushed candlenuts have historically been used, but You can use macadamia, cashew nuts, crisp pickles, and even wasabi peas.
  • The dressing has several flavors, so pick with caution.
  • In perfect poke, the textures, flavors, and temperatures are contrasting. Over flavoring may affect your poke bowl. You don’t want your poke bowl to taste that bad, do you?
  • Stew ingredients randomly or arrange by color while plating.
  • The use of sushi rice is not crucial. You may use brown rice, quinoa, or farro for your poke bowl. The use of sushi rice is not essential for a poke bowl.
Sushi Bowls Vs. Poke Balls: What's The Difference

Frequently Asked Questions

Poke bowls and sushi bowls do have a lot of things in common, as well as differences. But knowing what’s their unique characteristics is essential for consumers to satisfy what type of taste they are after or what particular dish they’re looking for. It depends on the person, and it varies every time. If you want to order sushi like a pro, here are some apps that can help you.

Is poke bowl and ceviche the same?

They can be found in the same category, but they have different ways to season the fish meats. Poke has a distinct Asian influence. The fish cubes are marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil — while ceviche is usually flavored with citrus juices and some fresh herb onions, pepper, and tropical fruits.

Is poke bowl and ceviche the same?

They fall in the same category, but they have different ways to season the fish meats. Poke has a distinct Asian influence. The fish cubes are marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil — while the ceviches usually are flavored with citrus juices and some fresh herb onions, pepper, and tropical fruits.

Is poke the same as sushi?

You will enjoy poke if you’re an avid sushi fan. It’s like sushi but with no definite roll shape, and it’s important to note that their origin is different. Japan originated the food sushi bowl while the poke bowl was from Hawaii.

Similarly, sushi is offered in little rolls to choose different kinds of sushi. In contrast, a poke bowl is being provided in a bowl with a similar base but other toppings. Both of them may contain a similar filling, but their presentation and most of the ingredients are different.

Can I eat poke bowl every day?   

You can eat poke bowl as a healthy diet as it contains a high amount of protein and good fats, especially Omega 3. And Omega 3 is an ideal type of nutrient that humans need to have a healthier body overall.

But it’s also crucial to keep in mind that eating raw fish has some dangers that will impose on your body. Poke bowl contains raw fish and a lot of healthy ingredients. It looks healthy but eating raw fish is not suitable for health. 

Daily consumption of raw fish may cause the risk of parasitic infections in the human body. Also, they have high mercury levels. Tofu used in this dish contains a high protein and iron, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin.

You can take a poke bowl as a healthy lunch every day if the ingredients like salmon, tuna, chicken, and tofu are used in a cycle with other healthy ingredients. If the fillings are chosen wisely and healthily, then the poke bowl can be a healthy everyday meal. By adding brown rice, red onion, radish, and coriander to the poke bowl, we can make it more nutritious. But, make sure not to take it every day.


Sushi bowls and poke bowls are perfect in their ways. Whether you decide on preferring poke bowls because of their healthier ingredients and more diverse options of making them, it’s all right! But, why not try them both to have a glance and fill have your mouth experience their delicious taste?

Sushi bowls and poke bowls are great even though you’re on a diet or preparing for upcoming summer pool parties. Finally, without worrying about your weight, you will love enjoying the meal with your mates. Take the telephone, order your sushi, and enjoy your local meals!

If you like sushi bowls better because of its unique texture that you don’t want to miss, it’s also great! Their differences are vague but evident if you’d try to look deeper into it. It’s still a matter of personal preference. Nonetheless, they are both delicious in their way!

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