The 11 Best Apps For Sushi Lovers

Do you crave sushi a lot of the time? How many times do you crave sushi? Twice a day? Thrice a day? We all know how irresistible sushi is. And it’s apparent that sometimes we want something convenient for sushi lovers like us to satisfy our cravings in just a click. Like the best apps for sushi lovers!

The 11 Best Apps For Sushi Lovers

Let’s start with what are some popular sushi apps for sushi lovers. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, these are definitely the first sushi apps you’d want to tap open first.

  1. Japanese Sushi Guide & Quiz
  2. SuShi or SushiPedia Guide
  3. SushiGuru
  4. Sooshi

These are just 4 mobile apps for sushi lovers. I’ll give you more in this post to make your sushi experience more enjoyable. Let’s not keep you waiting. Here are the 12 best apps for sushi lovers.

The Best 11 Apps for Sushi Lovers

Have you ordered the sushi or another sake bottle? Sometimes sushi fans face a moment of confusion when a Japanese-native server presents the table. It gets much worse for sushi novices. Will this sushi comes with rice, or will it sit on a plate like a solitary dome? Was it maguro tuna or tuna toro? When the bill arrives, you’ll know.

Mobile apps will overcome this mystery and help escape disdain for the sushi chef and employees, who have little time to clarify each item on the menu. At the same time, the majority of the restaurant invites you.

1.Japanese Sushi Guide & Quiz

For its dictionary element, the Japanese Sushi Guide & Quiz is a scrolling list of about 75 words that you can commonly see on a Japanese menu. The characterizations also sometimes include some background information such as uni, a “usually quite expensive” sea urchin, as explained in the app.

2.SuShi or SushiPedia Guide

SuShi or SushiPedia is much more instructive. You may enter search requests or click down the alphabetical list of dishes, and every entry has icons that show whether the food is fried, hot, raw, or non-meaty.

One problem: You cannot filter the list by either of these criteria, so for example, vegetarians have to waste time scrutinizing meaningless dishes in search of food.

For iOS users, this is not the case with the Sushi or Sushipedia Guide. The less demanding and perhaps, more comfortable to run, guide to sushi is the second.

Another fault is the occasional tendency of the program to call up meanings other than chosen objects.

It has detailed and usually well-written instructions, given that you describe what you’re looking for correctly. For example, those with an anago or seawater anago discover the difference in flavor as opposed to freshwater anago, in which angel and other fascinating trivia are captured.

Unfortunately, none of the free Android apps features images, so you don’t know if what you’re thinking about is precisely the tasty thing you enjoy.

The feature includes about 50 short publishing pieces on large topics like “The Costliest Sushi” and “The Evolution of Sushi,” together with a quick rundown of various sushi styles.

Each issue contains at least one vivid, high-quality image, so you have a guide in visual terms. This software includes commercials, which are conveniently hidden away in a segment called More, which would be expected from a free app.

Sushipedia advertisements are more troubling because they take a portion of each page. But this additional upset adds to the features. Sushipedia allows users to check for names, ingredients, characteristics, or seasonal features. The explanations are comprehensive, expand the images, and the users can select a dish and manage it in the application. The trivia elements associated with the sushi scroll down the screen. One example is “There’s generally a bad idea to eat sushi on Sunday; no fresh seafood comes on weekends.”


I would pull out the free sushi app if I were at a restaurant and wanted to try something new. But I would spend it on SushiGuru if I had a spare dollar.

SushiGuru offers as much value for half the price of SushiMonger or SushiTime and adds an additional feature other apps don’t. SushiGuru begins by listing approximately 200 food items in the illustrated form. If you do not like to scroll randomly, you can type a search term or click another rendition of the list that lets you go to various alphabet sections.

Each sushi item contains high-quality portraits, fish photos where made from, a sushi description, and a page in which users can leave their comments and some useful recommendations.

SushiGuru also has playback pronunciations, as opposed to many other competing apps. If you ever chose a California roll simply because you could say it more quickly than a type of mackerel Aburasokomutsu, this is an exciting feature.

Keep it close to you the next time you take someone to a sushi restaurant to bring you a little time considering the sushi in front of you while looking at the menu.

4.Sooshi App

Sooshi app is one of the finest sushi apps that offers a wide selection of sushi. If you’re new to the whole world of sushi or a certified sushi lover, Sooshi app will help you find and discover many details about what sushi is, how you can cook sushi and where you can find the best sushi restaurants.

You can find a variety of information and many topics in five different categories. All have been designed and decorated from the ground up, to produce extremely artistic images and perspectives that make sushi preparation the greatest pleasure possible.

For those not acquainted with the food and the criteria, Sooshi is an excellent application to achieve the desired result. The software is designed to teach users about the various sushi types and preparation techniques, as well as about the nearest restaurants serving the dish. The application also has a cool, sleek style that blends into the vision of the locations serving the plate, with dark and light-colored backgrounds matching with the overall sushi aesthetics.

This app gives justice to sushi preparation. This app cannot heap enough by how the consumers will pay adequate credit for what this brilliant and devoted developer has done. Discovering the sushi ingredients and the method of creating it as artistically appealing as sushi quality—a great way to consider the senses as usual that more developers would aspire.

Here are The Best Android and iOS Apps for Sushi Lovers to Find the Best Sushi in Town.

5.DoorDash- Food Delivery App

Receive food wherever you are. DoorDash delivers a wide variety of your favorite restaurants in the United States, Canada, and Austria — over 310,000 menus across the over 4,000 locations. Spend more time on what you do – DoorDash will be the one to take the rest on board.

Select from the vast selection of cuisines, from the local sushi place to the comfort food you want. You can choose from a wide variety of dishes—the quicker and simpler way of ordering your daily dose of sushi. Low service and $0 delivery fees are provided with newly added by thousands of local restaurants.

6.Zomato App

In the search and find services in 24 countries, Zomato assists consumers in locating good quality food in restaurants (of course sushi is included) and food supplies. Take a browse at restaurant menus and videos, and prepare your next meal by using the Zomato app.

First, Zomato charges the restaurants a fee based on orders from its food procurement company. Zomato receives a commission for any order when customers pay a delivery charge, which then is shared between the service provider and the company. With the help of this app, you can now enjoy your favorite sushi, and everything is hassle-free.


Discover incredible discounts on all the right places to eat, see and do next to you and worldwide. Save what you are hunting for. If you’re hungry for a new restaurant or dream of exotic sailing, every day you get all the discounts. Both offers can be used right away, meaning you can never be more than a few taps away from a soothing massage, tickets to the hottest evening event and a nice bite of sushi.

8.The Sushi King App

This app is quite unique. You have to be a member to enjoy perks and in-app rewards. Recently, they launched a loyalty reward program in their app called “The Sushi king MY programme.” The “Sushi King MY programme” is a Sushi King reward program. A registered user having a Sushi King My account will take advantage of exclusive discounts and benefits where the customer will receive 1 Smile Point.

It can then be exchanged into a cash refund (with 20 points RM1) for each RM1 net expended (not including a Service Check/Tax, and after Smile Points and Free Vouchers). These perks are available in the iOS App Store and Android Google Play. It’s available in The Sushi King MY app.

A Registered Member shall not receive a physical card. Would-be Members shall install the Sushi King MY app from the App Store and Google Play and register to join a Sushi King MY account. To enjoy the service, the user must use the Salmon King MY app to flash Member ID QR and scan it each time that they use Sushi King. The app can be used to win, settle, and communicate the new deals in Smile Points, Smile Prizes, and Smile Specials.

Users should always check their recorded contact information and ensure that they do not miss their Smile points and Smile Incentive earned and to take full advantage of the service. Use your registered smartphone and password on the Sushi King MY app for personal information alerts or contact our Customer Relations department.

During Members’ Day and other Smile Rewards (such as Birthday Rewards and Smile Specials), Members also earn twice Smile Points on the Smile Rewards tab.

The customer cannot exchange cash with the collected Smile Points. The customer can only redeem smile Points and Smile Rewards by using the Smile Points on the Sushi King MY account in one transaction. Members shall not pass to any other individual Smile Points or Smile Prizes unless at their discretion if Sushi King otherwise permits them.

Best Sushi Entertainment App 

Of course, our list doesn’t end only in those apps where you could learn about sushi, order your favorite sushi, but also pass the time while you wait for your order via GroupOn or The Sushi king App. These are apps that sushi lovers couldn’t get enough of. These fun, and light sushi gaming apps are for everyone to enjoy.

9.Sushi monster

Do your child or younger siblings also like a sushi lover like you? Sushi Monster is a Scholastic mathematical app that is enjoyable and rewarding. The kids use the monster numbered sushi plate and multiplication abilities to create a sequence of sentences to arrive at the requested number of the monster.

Right responses award children point, stars, and trophies, pick the wrong sushi, and the monster throws a tangled temper. The goal abilities for each new level increases in difficulty. The players should pause and tap the question mark to find a useful indicator for any level of strategy. The app does not provide multiple children profiles and does not offer comprehensive reviews on overlooked mathematical problems.

A series of target numbers start each round. The chef places several sushi plates on the table, and children must pick the best mix of plates to reach the target and feed the sushi monster with it. If accurate, the sushi’s beast is fed. Look out if it’s false!

By finishing all 14 goal numbers, players will open the next level. When replaying the stages, players get all new numbers. The app is part of a scholastic mathematical fluency curriculum.

10.Sushi House

Become an advanced sushi cuisine master and a good cook. If you are the kind of person who loves working on some tasty kitchen experiments, then it could just be your game! An exciting time control game featuring lots of sushi. Take over the kitchen to exhibit a master chef’s expertise. Follow the cookbook of tips and step-by-step directions for real life.

One of the easiest games. If you want to escape from regular meals and want something else, Sushi House is at your disposal. Prepare a delicious lunch of sushi with your preference of delightful rice, seafood, vegetables, and aroma. You will enjoy the chef inside and learn how to make sushi on the way. 

11.To-Fu Oh! Sushi

How about making original sushi that feeds your favorite guests? Spice it up to those sushi lovers with lots of wasabi or sprinkle them even with chocolate and decorate them with gum bears. Feel free to make sushi in your style and have your guests try it. This app is designed to allow users to create their sushi. Serve the “Tofu Island” people with your tasty, enigmatic, or unlikely sushi!

Frequently Asked Questions

You deserve the best sushi rolls for every bite. Finally, let us answer some frequently asked questions about the best apps for sushi lovers. 

Do I need a smartphone to try these?

A smartphone is essential if you want to try out these amazing apps and enjoy your sushi journey. Without a smartphone, trying these out would be impossible for they are created only for Android and iOS.

What if I only have my laptop, would I still be able to use them?

A smartphone is the only device you’ll need to enjoy these apps. An iPad or an Android tablet would have the same functionality for they somewhat share the same Operating System. But a smartphone’s convenience is ideal for a lot of users.

Are sushi apps free?

Most of the apps listed here are for free. Unlike the “The Sushi king App” you would have to pay for their membership in order to gain points and enjoy their loyalty programs through earning points and in-app rewards. Most Google Play Store apps are for free and offer from minimal to nothing in-app purchases. Compared to iOS’ AppStore, most of their apps provide in-app purchase functions aside from what you’ll get in the free app. Some also offer trials before getting charged.

Are sushi apps safe?

Nothing is 100% secure, but it is a step in the right direction by using the approved apps. Most users can overlook malware, and the unintended user may accidentally download the bug, which is why upgrading apps and removing ones you may not need is also necessary. The break into Android is more manageable, and malicious hackers almost always take the bottom of the fruit.

Do not make the wrong thing about thinking you are not open to attack from the iOS platform and the Apple Store. They’re not. Android is secure but less protected than iOS. It’s much better if you will also read the terms and conditions of the apps that you are allowing to be on your phone.


Sushi is a trendy and versatile dish, but it is also very expensive as compared to other menu products. Thus, those who want sushi on a daily basis are still hunting for “cheap sushi near me” for the best offers on smartphone applications. Although the most economical choice might not be possible when buying sushi, these applications can be helpful when searching for discounts and coupons for sushi restaurants in your region.

Any local food app can allow you to find a local restaurant, where guests can enjoy sushi with their friends and their families. Use these useful applications to find the best tasting sushi for your budget, regardless of where you are. By looking at the best sushi apps for travelers, such as the urban cuisine, yelp, or open table, you can quickly identify the most popular dining options or the best place to eat sushi, wherever you are in the world.

So, if you introduce a friend or family member to sushi, you’ll bring them to the best restaurant in the city to ensure that they share your passion with you for this wonderful treat. Fortunately, a number of apps are available in minutes to find the highest sushi places in your region.

This is a fantastic place to find restaurants suggested by chefs in that particular place if you are searching for friends in a different neighborhood. While sushi might not be everyone’s favorite meal, if you find a high-quality sushi bar in their city, you’ll better benefit your mates.

If you’re looking for a spot to eat late in the night, you can find sushi restaurants nearby, even after regular working hours, using many of the same applications.

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