The 12 Best Apps to Help You Order Sushi Like A Pro

Apps that sushi lovers use to help them order like a pro is now compiled here for your convenience. Don’t be confused: while sushi is always the biggest draw in high-end Japanese restaurants, there is plenty of crappy sushi elsewhere. Let’s start from the barrel bottom through these popular apps.

The 12 Best Apps to Help You Order Sushi Like A Pro

Here are some of the most known and useful apps to help you order sushi like a pro. 

  1. Let’s Sushi
  2. Sushi Dictionary
  3. Seafood Watch
  4. Sushi Encyclopedia
  5. Sushi Rolls Recipes Free

Mobile apps will solve these sushi problems for you and help you escape the sushi chef and staff, who lack time to clarify all the menu items while the restaurant is busy around you. Keep a clear thought in your head when buying sushi. Order something that takes very little exploring or how a specialist does it.

What are The Best Apps to Order Like a Pro?

If you’d like to eat sushi like a pro, you should know some terms and the correct way to eat it to have the best experience. The proper way of ordering and eating sushi completes your overall experience with it. With acceptable pronunciations, proper diction, and what else you have to order it with. Here are some useful apps you would like to try.

1.Let’s Sushi

This application teaches practical terms and expressions to improve your eating experience in the future in a sushi restaurant. The curriculum also teaches you the etiquette related to sushi culture, making this unique experience for you a truly Japanese experience with a partner or friends! 

It has a voice feature where you can try it and see if you pronounced it correctly. At the bottom part also, you could find some basic dining etiquettes that are useful in Japanese sushi eating. It’s a unique feature that also includes how you can praise the sushi in Japanese. From “It tastes so amazing!” to “This one is tender. What did you put in here?”

2.Sushi Help

Maguro? Sashimi? Uramaki? California Roll? Are you going insane reading the restaurant’s Menu? Sushi Help helps you with more than 160 words and terms with the translation and short description of Japanese cuisine. It also includes specific recipes and suggestions to begin in the Japanese world of cooking.

Finally, you can distract yourself with comfortable, casual games with photographs of exquisite recipes while waiting for your order through this app. 

It also helps you be familiar with the different types of sushi and their main ingredients. Some sushi does have a specific ingredient that separates them from other sushi, like the “Rainbow Roll” where various seafood meat is inside.

3.Sushi Translator

This next app is a paid one. You need to pay 1USD to experience the magic of SushiTranslator. This one is pretty useful if you find yourself in a bar where sushi is their main course. This app helps you to translate sushi menu terms and everything on the menu board.

How? Just scan the words using your phone’s camera, and the translations will appear live in your face like magic. The user can also view the word-definitions used in the app via the dictionary. It works like magic.


If I were in a sushi bar and decided to try something different, I’d take the free sushi app out. However, if I had a spare dollar, I would spend it on SushiGuru. For half the price of SushiMonger or SushiTime, SushiGuru has the same benefit and adds a function other apps don’t. SushiGuru starts by describing in the outlined form about 200 foodstuffs. 

You can select a search word or press another edition of the list that allows you to go through different sectional alphabets if you don’t want to navigate randomly. 

The high-quality portrait, fish and production images, the sushi summary, and the user’s feedback. You can also see valuable tips in any sushi piece.

In comparison to many other rival applications, SushiGuru also has playback pronunciations. If you choose California to tell it quicker than the Aburasokomutsu style of jacket, this is an interesting touch in the app. It is a handy app, so always keep it near you. It’s a useful app to help you make a sushi lover and a pro sushi consumer.


This app is free to use and available for Android and iOS users. Sushipedia unlocks the exciting realm of sushi cuisine with an entirely new dimension. If you’re the one who loves the occasional sushi encounter or ardent sushi fan, Sushipedia will significantly improve your sushi vocabulary. 

Sushipedia currently holds the world’s most detailed and reliable guide for sushi facts and details by creating a wealth of knowledge directly from Japan and the USA. The feature contains about 50 short articles, including a brief description of the different sushi types on big topics such as “The Costliest Sushi” and The Evolution of Sushi.” 

At least one high-quality picture is used in each and thus has a visual guideline. Users may search the names, inputs, and attributes, or seasonal features of Sushipedia. You should pick a dish and see it in the application in depth, extend the pictures and the descriptions—the trivia elements of the sushi scroll through the display, too, which is fun.

6.Sooshi App

Sooshi is an outstanding application to obtain the optimal outcome for those not familiar with sushi. The application provides users with info about different sushi styles and shows the nearest restaurants. It also offers preparation methods for DIY sushi enthusiasts.

When you’re new to the entire sushi culture or a sushi enthusiast wants to be, the Sooshi app will let you learn about sushi, cook sushi, and the best sushi according to polls surveys across the world. This software makes it easy to understand more about sushi. 

Discover sushi ingredients and how you can make consistent sushi. Sooshi app will help you to become a sushi pro.

7.Sushi Encyclopedia 

This app is the ultimate information source for sushi. It is a perfect sushi guide. Here, you will find a variety of rolls and sushi recipes. You will also have an idea of the main ingredients of sushi and how to make it. It is a traditional Japanese dish usually from vinegar rice, nori sheet (seaweed), different fillings (usual seafood), and toppings. 

In this app, you will also know that the date of the invention of sushi is unknown and originated from it first. However, over decades it went through several improvements in flavor and presentation both, and eventually, by the 19th century, it evolved into the sushi that we know and love. There are also types of sushi that don’t even have any fresh fish in it. 

8.Teach Me Sushi

It is much rather on the eating end than the creating. It’s a lot less stressful and much more fun. But Teach Me Sushi will have none of that and recently released an app of the same name to do just that. This app has 13 action-packed videos, so not only do you have step-by-step instructions, but you also get over 45 minutes of excellent visual instruction that’s the next best thing to hands-on. 

It covers the basics of making sushi through to advanced rolls. It also has a built-in timer to make sure your rice comes out perfect every time. This app will let you watch videos of step-by-step guidelines. You can also see some context specifics of any roll that you make. 

The 12 Best Apps to Help You Order Sushi Like A Pro

The “What you need” tab lists all the supplies and facilities, including a search option in Google Maps for the nearest Japanese supermarket. The last tab includes the Rice Timer, ideal for rice preparation. Usually, you wouldn’t equate it to basic sushi creation but teaching Me Sushi is the exception.

The step-by-step guidelines are concise and written so anyone can follow each video for not more than five minutes. Teach Me sushi is a significant complement to your Apple device: it’s an excellent investment and a valuable one.

9.Sushi Dictionary

If you want, you can Install Sushi Dictionary from Android’s Play Store and iOS App store. Sushi Dictionary opens a whole new dimension to the fascinating world of sushi dining to make you a pro. Whether you are the type of person who loves the occasional sushi experience or an avid sushi fan, Sushi Dictionary can significantly enhance your enjoyment and knowledge of sushi culture. 

Sushi Dictionary has a more significant and more complete list of famous sushi delicacies. Some of the world’s more obscure offerings have been assembled full with photo references and thoroughly detailed factual and historical descriptions, and proper pronunciations. 

by browsing through the Sushi Dictionary’s comprehensive list of sushi. There’s Akagi (red clam), hiramasa (yellowtail amberjack), Philadelphia roll (with cream cheese), and tobiko (flying-fish roe), as well as about 300 others, all with descriptions thorough enough to satisfy an editor at Encyclopedia Britannica. 

Another cool feature allows you to scroll through a list of seasonal fish, ensuring that you don’t order anything that has been in a deep freeze since your birthday. The only thing lacking is a list of endangered fish. It knows which types of sushi you can eat without throwing off the ecosystem.

The operators have entirely rewritten the search and browse features of Sushi Dictionary to include blazingly fast full-text search capabilities and intuitive cross-references for related entries. Try the Sushi Dictionary, and you will be a pro in no time.

10.Sushi Rolls Recipe Free

This app can also help you to become a sushi pro. This sushi recipe app demonstrates how to make an easy makizushi roll that you can then fill with any fillings you want. Practice becoming more imaginative. Users can find excellent fresh sushi, including Philadelphia Roll, California Roll, Shrimp Dragon Roll, and others in this app.

Here you can figure out how to simplify sushi rolls. With the finest ingredients, this app delivers meal suggestions and recipes. It understands the pleasures of food and cooking and offers you a selection of free meals to suit your palate. 

Dinner recipes are available throughout the year for all times and holidays, experimenting with diverse tastes. This famous app is an incremental cooking app useful for both beginners and enthusiasts for a handy sushi recipe book and compilation. Here is the list of some useful features that this app includes.

  • They have developed fun sushi recipes that bring you hundreds of simple ways to prepare sushi.
  • Master chef recipes are classified into various non-vegetarian and vegetarian types, deserts, and snacks (like Oshinko sushi). 
  • You always have your dish drinks and unique beverages
  • Find the list of materials for each dish with cooking guidelines
  • Contains teaching and planning for making sushi maki, unagi sushi roll, and sashimi, and other types of sushi
  • HD wallpaper of beautiful food
  • Japanese cooking necessities 
  • Mastering the fundamentals of cooking, including knife techniques, cooking methods for sushi preparation, producing sauces and emulsions

11.Make Sushi Official App

This app will let you access all the videos made by Chef Devaux for free. This app will also offer you exclusives tips, all in the sorted category. You can also join the forum and discuss with them about sushi stuff. You can also talk about things that are going on in there. And lastly, you can ask Chef Devaux questions directly and receive an answer instantly. Be a pro with help from a pro!

12.Seafood Watch

Seafood Watch tips help you pick seafood from your favorite restaurants and shops. The new application also makes it simpler than ever before for you to discover the latest seafood and sushi recommendations, learn more about the fish you consume, and identify or share sustainable seafood companies. You can also look at the list they provided the users listing everything from A-Z and have the convenience to check them.

The seafood business is multinational, and Seafood Watch App’s mission is to get the industry active in central seasonal regions worldwide. Seafood Watch put fishers, producers, consumers, NGOs, states, financial institutions, technology firms, and others together to pave the way for large-scale change in sustainability.

Seafood Watch describes sustainable seafood as fished or farmed seafood from sources capable of sustaining or increasing supply without adversely affecting the structure and operation of the habitats affected. Our shopping choices as consumers propel the demand for seafood.

By helping some fish and fish farms who are safer for the ecosystem while at the same time reducing the burden on others who do not do the same, the procurement power will make a difference. 

These challenges are more critical than ever, with more than 75 percent of global fisheries being entirely fished or overfished. You can select from the best available knowledge and help environmentally sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices by using your region’s Seafood Guide.

It is the goal of the Seafood Watch app. Through this, you may become a pro without compromising the overall health of our environment. 

How To Order Sushi Like A Pro?

The best apps for ordering sushi is not enough. Sometimes, you have to be more knowledgeable in ordering sushi like a pro. At first, it can be daunting, especially if you don’t order frequently. But you know what? All professional sushi lovers started from the bottom. Thus, it all begins with learning. So, here’s how you can order sushi like a pro.

The 12 Best Apps to Help You Order Sushi Like A Pro

Filter Restaurants

A quick Google search will help you see and read the restaurant’s reviews. Take some time to read and check out who has the best ratings. Aside from the menu, you should also check out if they have a friendly crew. If you want to learn, you should ask questions. You can only get answers if the chef and servers are patient to give it to you.

Know The Difference Of Each Kind Of Sushi

Again, a quick Google search will give you the difference between each sushi. It is also essential that you pay attention to the fillings used. Do you prefer raw fish? Are you ready for it? If not, you can always start with some typical sushi like California maki.

Know The Ingredients Of Your Roll

Sushi experts give some time to know what are the ingredients in their roll. For your reference, here are some standard sushi rolls and their fillings.

  • Philadelphia Roll – Salmon, avocado, asparagus, and cream cheese
  • New York Roll – Salmon, yellowtail, and tuna with sesame seeds on top
  • Spider Roll – Soft-shell crab, cucumber, avocado, sprouts, and sometimes spicy mayo
  • Rainbow Roll – An assortment of fish and avocado, on top of a California roll (crab, avocado, and cucumber)
  • Alaska Roll – avocado, imitation crab meat, rice, salmon, and nori

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Others

Don’t be scared of branching out. Try an Alaska Roll for an extra inclusion of crab if you want a salmon avocado roll, which is sure to make your sushi experience better. Give spicy crab a try if you’re a fan of spicy tuna. It’s the same taste, just a little more filling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering sushi like a pro is the next step toward your sushi enthusiast journey. Even though the path is confusing because of the wide sushi variations, it’s still enjoyable to learn. And to become more of an enthusiast and connoisseur, here are some of the frequently asked questions for you to start.

How to Order Sushi Like A Pro?

The initial step towards being a pro is to know the distinctions between any sushi and memorize common phrases and terms. On a ball of sushi rice, Nigiri is fresh cod. Sashimi is just fresh fish without rice or seaweed. Maki is a particular type of sushi roll — and uramaki is when rice is outside. Finally, Temaki is, yes, a roll, but raw fish and other ingredients are hands rolling in a cone shape. Ordering is the first way to become like a sushi pro.

Is it Rude to Eat Sushi with Your Hands?

No. It isn’t. sushi with your hands is entirely appropriate. While most people prefer using it with chopsticks, eating with your hands is acceptable. But if you want to be a pro, learning chopsticks is the first thing you should practice.

Is It Okay To Mix Wasabi and Soy Sauce?

Do not mix your wasabi ever with your sauce with soy. If the chef grinds up fresh wasabi, the spice dilutes, and his finely crafted food is lost. It might not get you started, but the chef will still see if you know how to do it and will change or adjust your meal accordingly.

Don’t add more soy sauce to it if the sushi is still dressed (with soy or ponzu). The chef needs plenty of time to match his flavors well. The equivalence of suggesting to the chef you believe you know your sushi reasonably than he does when you add more soya to your roll.


There we have it! It’s a little confusing at first, especially if you’re a beginner and still experimenting with different kinds of sushi available on the Menu. But with the help of these modern applications, being a sushi pro is one step closer than ever before. It’s all made more straightforward and open for everyone who would want to try and involve themselves in the art of sushi making and eating. Always try on maximizing your sources to help you order your next sushi like a pro.

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